weird works , and where to find them

Weird works , and where to find them


sometimes  work come from the strangest situation:  several weeks ago I was chatting with a friend of mine who works as a scenographer and set designer for theater and movies, he took a view of several shots of my Stand Up Paddle and  showed a suspect interest in the internal structure of the board…he wispered something like “Damn, just like an old airplane…”

Few days later he called me proposing me to draw a set of plans to build a 1:1 scale model of a crash landed WW2 german fighter, a Messerschmit BF109 for the warbird nuts, for a small movie being shoot here in Sardinia;


we were, as usual in this kind of works, strictly on time and on budget , Hollywood is very far from here, so what they needed was an easy to do build model to be made in cheap plywood and cardboard that must convey the precise idea of that plane; we unfortunately have no time nor budget to build an exact “replica” of a Messerschmit BF109E fighter plane with a lot of details.

Of course the model should be totally static, no engine, no mechanic, just a decent level of details in the cockpit and instruments and a good painting work to enhance realism.
So in working hours rush, I started from drawing an acceptable 3D model of the plane, based on a huge amount of material found digging the web and taking an eye to an old model that I did when I was a teenager; then I created a bunch of 1:1 scale templates for the main parts of wing, boby and tail sufaces, a few 3d drawing “IKEA style” to show how to put pieces together, and scenographers Pietro and Francesca did the rest; result is quite fine in my opinion given the tight scheduling that we had.
So, if there is anyone out there who wants a set of drawing to build a mock up WW2 fighter plane for his backyard, cheap and easy to build, drop me an e-mail…

a local news article on the movie “Male Fadau” which means “Badly landed” in sardinian lanaguage, can be seen here  


here they are several pictures of the bird.