What’s inside a boat plan ?

What is a boat plan ?


  • A boat plan is a set of highly detailed drawings and a booklet of instructions focused on the building of a specific boat , in detail:

  • our drawings are specifically dedicated to beginners of boat building ; there’s no need to have previous experiences in the subject to understand drawings and instructions , most of our builders have only IKEA level woodworking skills or slightly more

  • every aspect of the boat is covered in drawings that is to say:

    • hull construction, general quoted views, plenty of 1:1 and 1:2 scale details for each part of the structure,

    • deck and sailing hardware

    • specifications for mast, standing rigging, sails; on several design we include a drawing to make your own wooden mast and boom

    • keel and bulb detailed drawing (for sailboats)

    • steering system (rudder or rudders, tiller bar, gudgeons specifications and detailed drawings) , chainplates for shrouds, forestay and backstays

    • reinforced transom details to properly fit outboard engine (on planing motor boats)

    • on board systems (engine and transmission, fuel system , electric, freshwater, bilge and so on, each one with a dedicated drawing )

  • you don’t have to “guess” anything, or employ endless hours  to measure and shape parts on board: all details and parts are shown in drawings and quoted



What’s inside one of our boat plan in details ?



This is a typical drawing list for a sailboat plan:

  1. sail plan regatta (sail measures, mast, boom bowsprit and standing rigging specifications)

  2. sail plan cruise (sail measures, mast, boom bowsprit and standing rigging specifications)

  3. quoted hull

  4. deck gear (winches, stoppers and jammers, organizers, hatches , cleats, control lines and blocks, halyards, mooring gear , furlers , windlass and anchor locker)

  5. structural scheme and details

  6. typical bulkhead scheme

  7. offset table

  8. assembly scaffold

  9. bulkheads, frames and floors part 1

  10. bulkheads, frames and floors part 2

  11. panels part 1 (hull and others parts)

  12. panels part 2 (cockpit and cabin)

  13. panels part 3 (floorings and furniture elements)

  14. steel fin keel: general views and construction details

  15. lead ballast bulb: view, sections and building tips

  16. other parts (floors, backbone, other parts)

  17. rudder and steering system, chainplates, gudgeons

  18. interiors, top and side view, joinery details

  19. pulpits and stanchion and onboard setup details

  20. engine and ancillary systems set up (wiring, fuel system, cooling system,  exhaust, shaftline/saildrive  if present)

  21. electric system, scheme

  22. freshwater system , scheme

  23. blackwater and bilge system, scheme

  24. finkeel related structures, on board finkeel installation tips

  25. deck gear commercial specifications and building tips (booklet A4 format, about 25 pages)

  26. bill of required materials to complete the hull


most drawings are A1 format ( 840 x 594 mm ) , standard sizes are metric, imperials are available upon request.