Hi everybody !!! We have currently a lot of boats in the building stage all around the world ; here are the links if you want to follow the progresses of some of them on the social media, and several pictures —Idea21 built in Sweden : —Hirundo 750 built […]

New boats on the run !!

In the last months I answered to a wide array of e-mails that were all circling around these two very big chapters for an homebuilder : Time and Budget. So I decided to think back about my more than fifteen year of career as boat designer for DIY boatbuilders, and […]

The Budget and the Time

Prova in acqua di “ALCEDO” IDEA21 cruiser   La prova della idea21 cruiser n.1 “Alcedo” di Milos e Kirstine si è svolta su un lago nel sud della Germania, per un totale di circa 8 ore di veleggiata distribuite su due giorni ad inizio estate 2020; le condizioni dei due […]

IDEA21 “Alcedo” varata !!! Prime impressioni

First Sailing of “ALCEDO” IDEA21 cruiser The test of the idea21 cruiser n.1 “Alcedo” of Milos and Kirstine took place on a lake in southern Germany, for a total of about 8 hours of sailing distributed over two days at the beginning of summer 2020; the conditions of the two […]

IDEA 21 “Alcedo” launched !!!!

Hi everybody, we are back on track with the usual work and with the website too. We spent the last two months in almost total lockdown mode here in Italy for covid19; as I guess everybody of you knows, Italy has been beaten quite hard by the pandemy, but we […]

back on track !!! Escapist 24

Hi everybody, an upgrade to the blog section after alot of time of of silence, I apologize for this. I just came back form Germany where I took several pictures of the almost complete IDEA21 cruise built by Milos and Kristine, I have been still there one year ago for […]

IDEA 21 cruiser : the HUGE small boat

Hi everybody, I just got back form Germany, where Milos is building his own Idea 21, cruise version;   first thing,  I have to super thank him for inviting me to take a look at the boat during the hull rotation. The construction is going really fine, neat and clean, […]

Idea 21: upgrades from Germany

Escapism is the avoidance of unpleasant, boring, arduous, scary, or banal aspects of daily life.   (wiki source)   if I apply this definition into sailing cruising activity, my thoughts became : be independent, live at sea avoid crowd and noisy marinas whenever you want widen the range of your cruise to wild […]

the “escapist” boat : an “energy maker” Petrel 33

Petrel 33: widen your horizons     I just published a new page in the project section of the website; the page dedicated to my new project: Petrel 33. Basically Petrel 33 is a sturdy comfortable fast paced 33 footer cruising sailboat suited to be built in a very smart […]

Petrel 33: widen your horizons !!!!

These are several pictures of the first Dentex 420 made by Sandro Rossi (a huge THANK for the pictures) and ready to launch;   Dentex 420 is basically a sit on top seakayak perfectly suited for kayak fishing and relaxed coastal explorations; the building system is the classical “stitch and […]

Dentex 420 ready to launch

Weird works , and where to find them   sometimes  work come from the strangest situation:  several weeks ago I was chatting with a friend of mine who works as a scenographer and set designer for theater and movies, he took a view of several shots of my Stand Up […]

weird works , and where to find them

Hi everybody !!  I’m sorry I’m posting few news here lately, but I’ll promise you this is going to finish , since we have several new projects coming in the very coming weeks. Yesterday a buoy racing sailor wrote me showing interest for Haiku 700 project ; he usually races […]

Haiku 700: how about putting some spice in her ???