Tikino 16 The small and easy to build beach cat Tikino 16 is a stitch and glue , car toppable beach cat, the perfect “garage project” for autumn and winter, ready to be launched the next summer. The hulls : asymmetrical, with a small skeg and a non protruding rudder […]

Tikino 16

Escapist 24 is a mid sized sailboat suited for family cruising, sporting a classical look and several features specially adopted to make her the perfect choice to sail in lagoons, shallow water areas and coastal environments; she is trailerable, with her 2.5 meters of maximum beam and lifting keel; plans […]

Escapist 24

Petrel 33: widen your horizons Petrel 33 is the logical evolution of her smaller sister Petrel 28 , with the task to expand the horizons of cruising activity for a 4-6 person crew, raising the bar of onboard comfort, keeping the boat size under the critical (for a homebuilder) size […]

Petrel 33

“Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry featuring simple language, with no title, a poetry which cuts needless terms and rhetoric speeches, getting its strength from fascinations coming from the nature through its different seasons. Composing a Haiku requires a great capacity of synthesis of thoughts and imagination since most of […]

Haiku 700

Idea 850 is a fast paced cruiser-racer: wide beam , generous sailplan and light displacement make her a really fast boat; she can be built in wood & epoxy strip planking for an uncompromised quality and strength. This small rocket packs also huge interiors for 5-6 people, and every aspect […]

Idea 850

My latest project: chined hull for the highest stability, vertical lifting keel, trailerable, suitable for club racing or cruising (two interior versions) , hull in plywood and epoxy with the radius chine system, sparkling performances while sailing and reasonable interiors for coastal cruising.

Idea 21 sportboat

A seakayak family for homebuilders, with hull lines optimized for coastal cruising and sea-camping , suited to be easily build by a homebuilder in plywood and epoxy.

Seakayaks – DIY Kayak Plan

A mimimal coastal cruiser, easy and cheap to build (plywood and epoxy and “stitch and glue” system ) and to sail; the perfect on budget solution to escape from crowded beach.


modern wooden sailboat cruising sporty
A cruising sailboat: sturdy, reliable and fast paced, teideal solution for a family of 4 people for a serious cruise. Hull in plywood, solid wooden elements and epoxy, with the radius chine system. Fixed ballasted keel for a high stability and a average saiplan suited for all the weather conditions. Huge and super comfortable interiors for a 8,20 m boat.

Petrel 28

Hirundo is trailerable, with her 2.5 meters of maximum beam and lifting keel; she can be considered on the heavy edge of a trailerable sailboat, but this feature may help homebuilders to keep down costs in expensive and crowded marinas, choosing where and when launch the sailboat.

Hirundo 750

IDEA 19 originates in 2005 as a modification of Dudley Dix's TLC 19, a small GRP trailerable sailboat; at the end of the work the only things left from the original sailboat were hull lines, every other aspect of the project was refined, boosted up, and modernized and the plans were converted to a modern wood-plywood and epoxy building system.

Idea 19