Dentex 420 ready to launch

These are several pictures of the first Dentex 420 made by Sandro Rossi (a huge THANK for the pictures) and ready to launch;


Dentex 420 is basically a sit on top seakayak perfectly suited for kayak fishing and relaxed coastal explorations; the building system is the classical “stitch and glue” system like all our plans, that allows you to complete your own kayak in a reasonable amount of hours and requires basic hobbyist skills ; building is made even easier by the printing of 1:1 scale templates for all the hull parts , given the fact that plans includes an Autocad file with all the parts’ shapes; the same file with lesser modifications can be used to cut all the parts with a CNC machinery from a engraving service near you.


You can find a detailed guide on how to build this kind of kayaks here ;  this building system allows you to complete your kayak and launch it in about 80-100 working hours starting form plywood sheets; our kayaks are sturdy, light an easy to use and maintain since the bottom is covered with a really scratch-resistant layer of glass fabric laminated with epoxy resin, making the boat as resistant and strong as a glass reinforced plastic one.


Our range of seakayaks plans includes 7 models and variants, ranging from super stable high volume boats to highly technical ones suited for long range raids