Haiku 700: how about putting some spice in her ???

Hi everybody !!┬á I’m sorry I’m posting few news here lately, but I’ll promise you this is going to finish , since we have several new projects coming in the very coming weeks.

Yesterday a buoy racing sailor wrote me showing interest for Haiku 700 project ; he usually races in Northern Adriatic Sea , which is a quite tricky place to sail; in this area often regattas take place in very light and patchy wind conditions, so basically you’re often in the situation of struggling to squeeze every fraction of energy from your sails to let the boat go at decent speed in mostly non-existing winds.
In this situation Haiku 700 with her standard rig is clearly underpowered, so we thought about a “Turbo” rig version, keeping the rest of the boat almost the same.


Of course this is a good solution with very light air and skilled crews, but the boat will became a kind of beefed enraged skiff in windy conditions, definitely suited for skilled sailors who loves adrenaline, and she will be probably really really reeeeally fast downwind…


given the┬ámandatory low weight required for a racing rig, I won’t provide drawings for a wooden turbo rig, only specifications for aluminum or carbon fibers composite rig will be on the dedicated drawing.


Here you can download the studyplan.

haiku700 STP1 sailplan and rig TURBO



The first hull is on the first steps of building, I hope to publish several pictures very soon here on the blog, so stay tuned !

good reading and fair wind !!

haiku 700 Hull Structure haiku 700 plywood chine epoxy sailboat 2