NEWS: Crispy 660 Cabin

Crispy 660 Cabin is a new boat project currently on the drawing board; she’s basically a spin off of open Crispy 650 boat; she’s a new design which has been claimed by several customers in the last months.

Lobster 31 has received several enthusiastic reviews and request for further info, but building her it’s a quite challenging enterprise , she’s definitely big for an homebuilder, and inboard diesel engines and all related stuffs (shaftline, propeller bracket, engine mounts alignment, transmission) are both a pocket-killers and definitely an headache for an amateur DIY boatbuilder.

A couple of weeks ago, a customer suggested me plain and simple to take the lobster cabin and deck design and place it on the 650 hull;

I made some sketches and all in all the things worked quite well and smoothly, so I began to evolve this new project; boat is structurally very similar to Crispy 650 open version, and this fact represents a significant saving of time and calculations for me, speeding up the design spiral; I try to keep cabin panels , structures and furnitures as light as possible to avoid to move too much forward the center of gravity of the boat, which is always a big concern on planing hulls; cabin and deck lines are quite simple, a kind of “new classic” somehow; hull sides are changed form 650 open version, since I give them a little bit of flare on the bow (see hull section picture) , this will represent a little bit time consuming to built compared to a flat plywood panels  hull side, but will give builders the chance to built the sides with solid wooden diagonal planking coated with a transparent varnish , which is a quite charming solution;

powerplant is based on single or double outboard engines in the range of 60- 170 HP (maximum 200 HP for double engine boats) depending on the sailing environment and on the performance required; interiors are quite basic, a pilot cabin with a minimalist galley , a V berth on the lower deck with a marine toilet with holding tank, fitted under the berth in central position, and several lockers. All that you  need for a cruising weekend and no frills at all.

I’m currently working both on 3d files and on the the plans, soon I’ll write down an official page for the project with upgraded 3d snapshots;  if you need a bill of materials you can take  the one of Crispy 650 as a good starting point, adding few 6 mm and 10 mm thickness plywood panels and several solid wood battens, that will form the cabin structure; an official bill of materials will be released as the project goes on.

I think plans will be released for half of April 2016, so stay tuned !

Crispy 660 Cabin specifications

  • hull length: 6,6 m
  • total length: 7,6 m (with engine and handrail)
  • maximum beam: 2,50 m
  • draught: 0,75 m with single engine
  • height on DWL: 2,2 m
  • bare hull weight : 900 kg
  • design displacement : 1600 kg (engine, fuel, and a crew of 4)
  • maximum displacement: 1900 kg
  • estimated top speed at design displ. : 36 knots
  • powerplant : 60-170 HP single outboard engine , up to 200 HP for twin engines version
  • fuel : up to 200 liters
  • water tank: up to 50 liters


crispy 660 cabin wooden fishing boat 2





crispy 660 cabin wooden fishing boat 1



crispy 660 cabin wooden fishing boat sections


crispy 660 cabin wooden fishing boat 4



crispy 660 cabin wooden fishing boat 3