New boats on the run !!

Hi everybody !!!

We have currently a lot of boats in the building stage all around the world ;

here are the links if you want to follow the progresses of some of them on the social media, and several pictures

Idea21 built in Sweden :

Hirundo 750 built in Australia

-Hirundo 750 next to the launch in Brazil :


and we have others idea 21 being built in Asia and south america , a crispy 660 cabin in Eastern Europe , a small Crispy 520 in Australia, an idea 850 in Eastern Europe and several others, not to mention sups and kayaks.


We will keep up updated here and our FB profile so stay tuned !!!


Apart from a bunch of good pictures and a personal satisfaction, this means we have constant feedbacks from the builders, we discuss better building solutions with them, fix minor flaws in the drawings (a not so clear quote , a better glass fabric lamination sequence and so on) , and our plans keep on improving to make the next builders’ experience easier and more satisfying