how to turn a boat hull

There are basically two ways to turn a boat hull:


the first one emplies a rational – analytical approach, involving building semicircular sturdy cradles, setting up ropes and blocks to rotate the hull in a controlled way avoiding bad surpises in each phase of the operation, and planning carefully in advance each step, it’s by far the best way to complete this important step without any concern;

the second one emplies collecting approximately a dozen of rude boys, motivate them with several tons of beer, add another ton of beer, just in case, promise them an humongous dinner at the end of operations, and somehow rotate the hull; as long as there’s enough beer all the rest  will become a meaningless detail

The second way is by far the funniest , as you can see in this video; great job for Barbamasu team, rotating the n.1 hull of our project Hirundo 750.

Sardinian raw power  !!