2018: new plans coming soon !!

new plans coming soon in 2018


we’re working hard to broaden our range of plans for homebuilders and Do-It-Yourself addicted, there are two projects (and a half…) cooking right now on the drawing board.

First one is a cartoppable beach cat that I presented on my FB page few weeks ago with a snapshot; project is assessed, the bulk of the design work is over, and now I am going to built a 1:3 or 1:4 scale model to have a clear vision of hull shapes and other details that are hardly visible in 3D CAD design environment.

The second one is quite a big one, the kind of project on the upper edge for homebuilders in my humble opinion; I’ll write down several other details and specifications on a dedicated post¬† probably at half January, we’re currently in the crucial stage of spiral design, refining structural details, weights, balance, rig calculations and all the aspects of a quite complex design;¬† until the next dedicated post I’ll try to arouse your curiosity with this picture…


stay tuned !!!


Let me remember you that we’re doing a 15% discount on the whole range of plans from stand up paddle to 28 feet sailboat until 6th January 2018 !

cruiser preview