Tayloring building plans to builder’s needs

Bruno and Salvatore, aka Barbamasu (www.barbamasu.com ) , are building the Hull n.1 of my design Hirundo 750; she is a sporty 7,5 metres trailerable sailboat with a good amount of interior volume; or that was, in my intention….

Barbamasu decided to turn her into a serious small cruiser, so they mixed the regatta sailplan (two rig options are on plans) with a inboard engine and a really complete suite of systems on board.

They did a good bargain buying a 8,5 metres boat for scrap, quite a wreckage to say the truth, in order to loot from her the Bukh inboard engine wich is in a surprising good shape, some steel fittings like stanchions and pulpits , and a good amount of deck gear , wich has probably been refurbished few years ago.

Here comes my work: I have to do all the modifications to standard building plans, in order to install the new engine, make all the calculations to check the boat stability and trim in this new configuration and find the best way to do everything on a boat with the hull and structure complete at 80%.

so I took the engine dimensions from the engine factory web site,  drew it on 3d CAD ,  “virtually” placed it on the boat, paying attention to maximum inclination, shaft angle, propeller clearance, and then built the engine case around it, and completed all the surroundings small modifications required.

I litterally taylor the boat on the builder’s needs, that’s how I normally work; stock building plans are a just a starting point.


H750 inboard