Haiku 700: setting sails in simplicity


“Haiku is a form of poetry featuring simple language, with no title, a poetry which cuts needless terms and rhetoric speeches, getting its strength from fascinations coming from the nature through its different seasons.

Composing a Haiku requires a great capacity of synthesis of thoughts and imagination since most of the times the Haiku’s subject is a sudden and intense scene describing the surrounding nature, and the verses freeze the scene details in the actual time. The extreme shortness of verses leaves as an empty space full of sensations, a kind of path that readers have to complete.”

Source wikipedia (translated form italian wikipage)

a new design: HAIKU 700

synthesis, “less is more” philosophy, the intention of erase all the needless items to leave pure and intact the joy of sailing: these are the main purposes of this new project : a nimble light boat, fun to sail, easy to build (including the rig), optimized for day-sailing in light to medium conditions; she has a chined hull with a modern look, huge form stability, the right amount of ballast in a retractable keel , an average sized sailplan, square top mainsail, jib and gennaker that can be both can be furled; deck gear is inspired by simplicity and effectiveness: no winches, no stoppers, no tracks and cars, an enormous cockpit where you can pass the sunny days with a crew of four, sailing or taking a sun bath; interiors are super minimalistic, just a double berth plane to take a nap; an outboard (electric or gasoline ) 2HP engine, all that you need to sail in and out from the marina and travel in zero wind conditions.

All that you need to taste the joy of sailing, and nothing more, a sailing Haiku.

a dedicated page on the projects section and a set of plans will be soon available, stay tuned.

HAIKU 700 specifications

  • Hull Length: 6.2 m (6.8 m including bowsprit)

  • overall length : 7.05 m

  • maximum beam: 2,5 m (trailerable)

  • waterline beam: 2,11 m

  • draft keel down : 1,72 m

  • draft keel up: 0,40 m

  • maximum heigth on DWL : 8m

  • prismatic coefficient: 0,59

  • sink rate: 93 kg/cm

  • wetted surface (canoe body only) : 9.6 m2

  • SA/displ^2/3 = 20 at design displacement (24 for light boat conditions)

  • SA/wetted area = 2.1 at design displacement

  • hull building: marine grade plywood and solid wood elements, bonded with epoxy resin, “stitch & glue system”
  • ballast: 120 kg in bulb, 75 kg in bilge

  • light boat displacement: 710 kg

  • design displacement : 1000 kg

  • maximum displacement : 1150 kg

  • upwind sail area: 19.7 m2

    • mainsail: 12.9 m2 square top,

    • 105% J furling jib : 6.8 m2

  • furling on bowsprit gennaker : 22,5 m2