Crispy 520 on the water

Hi everybody, here are several pictures and clips of a just launched Crispy 520 ; the boat is a “plastic” version of the boat, made by CNC cut high thickness plastic sheets welded together , but the hull is 99% identical to the one drawn in the plans to be made in plywood and epoxy , and the two boats shares also the same total weight and the same weight distribution, which is the most important thing for me as a designer.

As you can see the boat features a perfect smooth ride in this first test and I personally love the taste of “no frills” utility boat of this construction, it is exactly the spirit of the project.
Boat is 750 kg with a 90 HP 4 strokes engine and two on board, and she topped 32 knots of speed.
As you can see launching the boat form the trailer is a quite straightforward operation.