back on track !!! Escapist 24

Hi everybody, we are back on track with the usual work and with the website too.

We spent the last two months in almost total lockdown mode here in Italy for covid19; as I guess everybody of you knows, Italy has been beaten quite hard by the pandemy, but we managed to stay sound and safe in Sardinia, our little island, with very few cases, by pure luck ;  this situation has meant for me a suspension of works on the yards; basically we have been at home (that is my office too) 99% of the time, and I had the chance to do a HUGE amount of computer work: improve old drawings, develop new versions of existing projects, keep in contact with builders spread around the world , deliver plans, and take the time for a total new design.


So in this crazy time of personal restrictions and worries a new plan is born: Escapist 24


She is a quite peculiar design for my standards, kind of “nu classic” with a touch of vintage details, a boat shaped together with her first builder to sail in the surroundings of Venice,  sailing through lagoons, channels, historical cities, open sea , with the only purpose to enjoy these awesome landscapes.

I am not gonna give to much technical details here, just few notes:  boat is trailerable, has a unballasted lifting keel that can be easily raised while sailing , mast can be lowered and raised in a matter of minutes to pass under a bridge, interiors are comfortable for a 4 persons family with approximately 1,80 m internal height,  performance under sail are not blazing but definitely more than honest for a 24 footer cruising sailboat .

Within ten days or so, you will find the dedicated page on the website with all the technical specs and the link to purchase the plans.

As a starter I publish here just two rendered images, other will came in her dedicated page.

Enjoy !

Escapist24_est1 Escapist24_est 3