Tikino 16

Tikino 16

The small and easy to build beach cat

Tikino 16 is a stitch and glue , car toppable beach cat, the perfect “garage project” for autumn and winter, ready to be launched the next summer.

The hulls : asymmetrical, with a small skeg and a non protruding rudder to make beach landings easier; bow and transom volumes are closed to work as emergency floating volumes, while the central parts of the hulls can be used as storage volumes or kept closed

easy assembly: no mechanical fastenings among the beams and the hulls, the cat is assembled with dyneema lines directly on the beach in a few minutes, no complicated metal parts to make !

easy to handle sailplan: Tikino is a real fun to sail and she definitely keeps things easy, a small gaff mainsail and a small jib, no trapezes, a very fast , fun and stable platform that does not require the acrobatic skills of much more sportier beach cats like hobies or darts

building system: basically the hulls are very similar to our seakayaks : stitch and glue, internal bulkheads, no assembly scaffold required, glassfiber tape to strengthen the joints ; beams are only two solid wood planks glued together in shape with small wooden blocks in between ; a CAD file featuring 1:1 size set of templates to be printed will be included with plans, so no worries about complicated lofting sessions , this project is perfectly suited for totally newbies of boat building.

a Do It Yourself rig: plans includes a dedicated drawing to build your own wooden rig easily, otherwise you can use any 14-16 footer beach cat mast available

the Name: Tikino sounds like “small Tiki” in italian, so the name is a clear homage to the astonishing work of James Wharram, who kept the world of “ethnic” cats alive for decades with his superlative plans for DIY builders.

How to order the plans : here is the link to purchase the PDF version (includes 1:1 template file); pdf plans price is 120 € , paper version price is 150€

Bill of materials: all the stuffs required to build the hull, beams and rig, you can download it here


TIKINO 16 main specifications:

  • overall length: 5,18 m
  • hull length: 4,81 m
  • maximum beam: 2,37 m
  • draft: 0,27 m
  • design displacement: 275 kg (empty boat weight , about 105-110 kg)
  • recommended crew : 2 adults or 1 adults and 2 kids
  • height from DWL: 7,95 m
  • sail area: 10,2 m2