Crispy 520

A planing boat of fair dimesions that can be powered with a reasonable cheap outboard engine; a smart budget solution for sport fishing, diving, or take a sunsplash away form the crowd.


Hull Lenght: 5,20 m Project displacent: 950 kg
Maximum beam: 2,16 m Top speed at project displacement with 60 HP engine: 31 knots
Draft with engine:  circa 0,65 m Maximum displacement: 1200 kg
Powerplant: single outboard  40-70 HP
Hull weight (no engine): 420 kg
Hull weight with engine (40 HP 4T) and accessories: about 550 kg Plans price: 300 € (pdf version)
Fuel tank: underneath the deck, commercial one, from 60 to 80 liters Plans can be purchased here: Nautikit order page

An open planing boat of fair dimensions, with a good amount of space on deck, with enough room to fish, take a sunsplash, have a dive, or simply have fun; she’s powered with an outboard that allows you to travel quite fast, at a reasonable price, and with a set of plans suited to be built by an homebuilder with plywood , solid wood and epoxy.
These are the main features of this plan, which has seen the light some weeks after is bigger sister “Crispy 650” to fill the gap of an open planing boat that can be powered with a cheap 40 HP engine , with good performances and a roomy versatile hull.
Anyway the brotherhood between Crispy 520 and the bigger Crispy 650 starts and ends in a general common look and in the boat building system. For all the other aspects,  hull, load evaluations and weights settings, performance analysis, we started from a clean sheet, since I don’t like the downscale or upscale operations, a quite common practice , which not always lead to good boat quality.
So I designed a new hull, with a stern deadrise of 17.5 degrees, a good compromise between top speed and seaworthiness on a seaway; the hull topsides are quite high in bow area , to give  a decent repair from sprays (and save an expensive stainless steel handrail, if you want…). A hull ready to be planked with plywood sheets.
The boat hull is based on a structural grid made by 12mm marine plywood bulkheads, linked with solid wood stringers, all glued with epoxy resins, and a sturdy laminated plywood stem glued to a solid wood backbone which runs from bow to stern; the planking is in plywood (12 mm for the bottom , 10 mm for other surfaces), glued to the structural grid, with biaxial glass tape laminations were extra stiffness or chafe resistance is required. All these makes a really sturdy and stiff hull with a weight (without engine) of 420 kg .
Crispy 520 plan represents for me the entry level for a homebuilder, but she’s a “real boat” , not just a tricky toy to practice with plywood & epoxy.