Haiku 700

“Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry featuring simple language, with no title, a poetry which cuts needless terms and rhetoric speeches, getting its strength from fascinations coming from the nature through its different seasons.

Composing a Haiku requires a great capacity of synthesis of thoughts and imagination since most of the times the Haiku’s subject is a sudden and intense scene describing the surrounding nature, and the verses freeze the scene details in the actual time. The extreme shortness of verses leaves an empty space full of sensations, a kind of path that readers have to complete.”

Source wikipedia (translated form italian wikipage)

Haiku  700 is a sleek and nimble daysailer: wide beam , average sized sailplan and light displacement will make her a really fun and easy boat to sail; she can be built in plywood & epoxy with “stitch&glue” system , a quick and sturdy construction suited for homebuilders . This boat is in every aspect designed to blend pure pleasure of sailing and simplicity , and every aspect of building is highly detailed in the drawings.



HAIKU 700 Studyplans: sailplan

HAIKU 700 bill of materials

Haiku 700 Studyplans: deck gear

HAIKU 700 Studyplans: structure

Hull Length: 6.2 m (6.8 m including bowsprit) SA/displ^2/3 = 20 at design displacement (24 for light boat conditions)
overall length : 7.05 m SA/wetted area = 2.1 at design displacement
maximum beam: 2,5 m (trailerable) ballast: 120 kg in bulb, 75 kg in bilge
waterline beam: 2,11 m light boat displacement: 710 kg
draft keel down/up : 1,72 m – 0.40 m design displacement : 1000 kg
maximum heigth on DWL : 8m maximum displacement : 1150 kg
prismatic coefficient: 0,59

upwind sail area: 19.7 m2 , mainsail 12.9 m2 , 105% J jib 6.8 m2

 sink rate: 93 kg/cm gennaker on bowsprit: 23 m2
wetted surface (canoe body only) : 9.6 m2  engine: outboard gasoline 3 HP, or electric up to 1500 W
Plans can be purchased here : Nautikit order page   Plans price: € 420,00  € (pdf version)   or 480,00 € (printed papersheet) , CNC cutting files  are available as an extra item at 180€

Haiku 700  is my declination of daysailing concept: a nimble, sleek sailboat made to sail in light to medium conditions, easy and fun to sail, easy to build and keep in order, with a small cabin enough roomy to take a nap for a couple of hours, no super complex systems, no heavy and expensive stuffs, all that you need to enjoy sailing for a day and nothin’ more; by the way that is exactly what we do with our sailboats 90% of the times, daysailing !





















Hull: hull is chined , quite beamy with good volumes on bow sections ,  transom sections are quite flat to have a good planing attitude downwind and reaching ; the stability curve points out a good righting moment to cope with the average sized sailplan , and a more than  good 115° of AVS (angle of Vanishing Stability) , perfectly suited for light-medium weather conditions sailing.

building process:  Hull has to be build with “stitch & glue” system in plywood and epoxy resin, on a scaffold made by  four cheap wood temporary frames; hull chines are stiffened with glass fabric strips , all the other wooden structures (stringers, stempost-backbone, keel box, bulkheads and floors) will be bonded and laminated internally; all the deck and cockpit surfaces are made in marine grade plywood built with “stitch & glue” system. Building system is very similar to “Saltaspiaggia” project , and it’s definitely the easiest way to build a seven meters boat.

keel: retractable, with a 120 kg lead bulb bolted on a NACA profiled wood and glass fabric finkeel , keel can be lifted with hand operated 1:7 purchase , no winch required ; finkeel is closed in a watertight keel box ;  draft is 1,72 m at 1000 kg displacement

rudders and steering system:  double NACA shaped rudders transom hung with a central tiller , drawings are highly detailed to built a reliable and strong steering system , all the mechanic is enclosed in a plywood coaming so that have a swim from the stern is really easy and the whole system is estethically clean.

deck gear: everything is kept very linear and simple on the plans, few control lines, furling jib and gennaker, the aim is to provide a basical layout for a funny boat without killing your pocket; if you require a more accurate set of controls it’s up to your personal tastes to have a more refined dack layout,  that’s the big advantage of building your own boat !

Rig & Sailplan:  swept spreaders mast stepped on deck, aluminum alloy, carbon composite or wood rig,  so that the rig can be be home made too (a fascinating challenge and a good way to save a decent amount of money) ; sailplan features a square top mainsail , a low overlapping furling jib and a average sized gennaker hoisted on a furler on the bowsprit, super easy to deploy and to retract even for a newbye of downwind sails. If you normally sail in super light wind areas we may provide an enhanced rig and sailplan as an extra drawing.

engine : outboard or electric engine, up to 3 HP for gasoline engine or 1500 W for electric one, both fitted on a transom bracket;

on board living:  boat features a quite roomy cockpit for 4 adults, interiors features a V berth on the bow. Internal height is 1,35 meters so basicaly is like a small camping tent .

building plans : they’re made of 19 highly detailed drawings, covering all the aspects of boat building, including two drawings dedicated to rig building featuring a lot of details , plans also includes  a 20 pages booklets with the advised building sequence, tips and tricks, and the complete deck gear commercial specifications

budget required: see also bill of materials; given the actual (summer 2017) quotations for marine grade plywood , epoxy resin and other stuffs here in Italy, I can say boat can be realized , including homemade rig, with approximately 7200 € , excluding engine and sails. You can download study plans and bill of materials for free to have a clear idea of costs and building systems.





HAIKU 700 Flush deck version:  in a rush of “less is more ” philosophy I decided to…erase the cabin ! So here it is the flush deck version of Haiku 700 ; plans are available , you can buy them in the same way that standard plans, just send us an e-mail detailing that you want flush deck version plans; the boat is basically the same, just a little bit easier to build, and with a HUGE sundeck there at the bow.