Crispy 440

Crispy 440  , the pocket solution for your motorboat !

The little one of the family has arrived!

The idea was to expand the family of Crispy open motorboats downwards;  with this plan DIY builders have the chance to build a simple, modern, essential, robust open motorboat project; a boat can be built easily and economically even in your garage, that can be powered with an engine in the range of those that can be sailed without any license here in italy (40 hp maximum) or with an electric outboard, which is a very interesting zero emission option. The gasoline 40 hp engines are easily available at reasonable prices on the market both new or second hand.

A boat that can be build easily in your backyard, sailed with a reasonable sized engine at a good pace , and trailered with a normal car without headaches ; 

the hull : is a typical moderate V hull; it is derived from that of the larger 520 model, designed to be build starting from sheets of marine grade plywood, with a deadrise angle at the stern of 17°; the design guarantees a good compromise between behavior in rough seas and maximum speed; the boat therefore, despite its small size, it is not a unit exclusively for “extra-flat” waters;

the cockpit is definitely large for the total dimensions of the unit; this makes the boat a very intriguing choice for a broad range of activities going from a simple trip offshore, to sport fishing along the coast, to scuba diving or spearfishing; the cockpit can be kept totally clear to make the most of its dimensions, using a tiller-controlled engine, or be equipped with a small console with seat and wheelhouse with steering wheel ; given the construction system you can customize your cockpit to suit your needs;

The lines of the hull are very neat and simple to facilitate an easy construction within the reach of novice hobbyists at their first experience with nautical constructions, or to be a fast and effective build for experienced boatbuilders or small boatyards;

the structure is given by 5 bulkheads, with a grid of structural stringers and keel backbone to connect them, and the planking given by 8 and 10 mm plywood sheets, ditto for the cockpit. The boat is obviously trailerable, even by a medium-sized car and with a single-axle trailer, the weight of the boat ready for navigation in fact is around 400-450 kg.
As usual plans are higly detailed, and they come out with a 13 pages booklet which detail all the stages fo the building.


Where can i purchase the plans ? our trusty dealer Nautikit has the plans in its catalogue here ; as in all our plans , the options for CNC files is available.

What do I need to build the boat ?  you can download a bill of materials here


main specifications :

  • hull length: 4,40 m

  • maximum beam: 1,85 m

  • draft with engine down:  around 0,60 m

  • engine : single outboard 10-40 HP

  • bare hull weigth : 300 kg circa

  • boat weight with engine (40 HP 4T) and pilot consolle and seat: about 400 kg

  • fuel tank: under the deck , maximum 60 litres

  • design displacement: 700 kg (3 adults and fuel tank full)

  • maximum advised displacmeent : 820 kg (4 adults)

  • top speed at design displacement with 40 HP engine: 27-29 knots (calculated)