Idea 21: upgrades from Germany

Hi everybody, I just got back form Germany, where Milos is building his own Idea 21, cruise version;


first thing,  I have to super thank him for inviting me to take a look at the boat during the hull rotation.

The construction is going really fine, neat and clean, hull is sturdy and light , Milos is doing an excellent work blending different kind of wood with superb results even in merely aesthetic terms.  Okume plywood, mahogany plywood, larch, meranti, oak (for the keel) . Milos is currentlu speeding up the construction process, so we can expect upgrades soon.

Hull rotation operations: I will post a video soon , basically it’s been a “non event”: 8 persons around the boat, and it took less than 3 minutes to rotate the hull !!!!
Here are several pictures of the boat.

in the last picture you can see the oak planform from which the lifting keel will be carved (it’s a composite wood-glass fabric construction) ; i choose this solutionso that an homebuilder can cope also with the keel construction, dodging the need to deal with metal plates bendings,  weldings and so on.