Stand Up Paddle : the new toy for summer !!!

Stand Up Paddle (SUP for friend) is the new skyrocketing activity blasting the scene during the last summer: basically a SUP is a slightly modified stable surfboard on which you stand up and paddle, mixing fitness, relax, watching around and exploring coastal areas.

I couldn’t resist the temptation of design and build a SUP in my own garage, so , here it is, a wooden SUP built in plywood and solid wood strips , stable, light (the sup is basically empty, see pictures) and totally different from 99% of SUP you’ll see around.
Plans will be available on a dedicated webpage very soon, so stay tuned !
And if you’re not a Do It Yourself addicted but you want to paddle something like this, drop me an e-mail ( ) , we’re currently thinking about a small production of custom wooden SUPs.

for the numbers addicted this SUP is a 2,92 m x 78 cm (9.6 feet x 31 inches)  , with approximately 140 liters of volume and 12.5 kg of weight (26 lbs.)  , she can be considered an all-rounder with a little bit of wave riding attitude , plans can be rescaled form 310 cm to 270 cm of length.



building a SUP: I’m going to make a tutorial on the blog just like I’ve done for the seakayak, basically i can say the building is funny and intriguing , all in all it takes the same amount of hours of a kayak,  it’s the perfect task to pass the winter waiting for the next spring to launch her :)


how is it made ?  Pictures are quite self-explaining , basically you have a central backbone , several frames glued on the backbone , three plywood big surfaces making the bottom and the top panels, and flanks made of strip planked solid wood, and a commercial socket for the fin (you can avoid this making a wooden fin, anyway); so the sup is basically empty which helps keeping the weight really low.


budget required: around 300 € ( 350 US$)  for epoxy resin (3,5 kg), plywood and solid wood strips  , to which you have to add commercial fin and socket and self adhesive pad (they’re not mandatory, you can build a wooden fin)