Idea 850: “The Beauty and the Beast” has come



I’m here with the first paper copy of Idea 850 in front of me, checking the last small mistakes, those you’ll never catch on a PC screen, circling them with a red pen and correcting them on dwg files.

And yes, I’m quite satisfied and proud of the work done, each new set of drawings, each new project is a little bit better than the previous,  more focused on the building process, more detailed where details already matters, following and improving my personal philosophy that the builder must concentrate on the building process, not wasting time struggling with poor drawings or inventing solutions to critical items of the boat .

I’ve received several info requests for this new project, the boat is really intriguing and the project has definitely two faces: “the beauty and the beast” , depending whether builders will choose to built her as a fast paced cruiser with roomy elegant wooden interiors , or they’ll decide to go for all the saving weights tips and tricks described in plans, adopt the huge regatta sailplan, go for a carbon rig, a slightly reduced lead bulb, and build a really screaming sailing machine.

It’s up to you, do you prefer the beauty or the beast ?

Go to the project page, or drop a line for further infos.