Hirundo 750: a growing family

while the first hull of Hirundo 750 is 85% complete, with a huge amount of extra woodworks and upgrades form the basic plans, and another boat is on the assembly scaffold down in South America,  we’re currently doing some modifications to the standard plans, for a french client.
Basically modifications involves three major areas:

  • inboard diesel engine: as in “barbamasu” boat  , the hull #1 , client choose to go for a small inboard engine fitted with saildrive transmission , so we modified several details of cockpit and interior to create a roomy box engine and wide hatches on all the box’s faces to do servicing jobs.
  • lifting keel case: this is the real major upgrade; client lives in an zone full of  shallow waters areas, so he asked me if a continuous lifting keel was a possible upgrade; this means the the keel can be lifted up to the hull continuously while sailing; keel case goes from backbone to cabin top panel, keel can be raised via a 1:6 purchase operated by the cabin winch; boat can be sailed in light wind conditions under sail with keel partially raised, up to 1,20 meters draft, and can be sailed in calm water under engine with keel totally raised , and a super reduced draft.
  • stern: an open swimming platform will be fitted astern, leaving in place the transom hung rudder, to avoid the headaches of building a spade rudder

we keep on tayloring the projects to your needs !!!