Dentex 420 sit on top: the new kid in town

” hey Chris, your kayaks are superfine, but I’d love to built a sit on top one”
“come on, everyboady knows kayak fishing is rockin’, do something !!!”
“Raju 500 is sleek, nimble and fine, sure, but I love to fish form kayak…”
and so on, and on, and on….

And now here it is, DENTEX 420 is a sit on top kayak, superstable, easy and fun to paddle, and perfectly suited to became your ideal kayak fishing platform  (once you load her with at least 4 fishing rods, an echo fishfinder, a fridge to keep beers cold, a VHF radio, and the other “minimalist” stuff that use to be packed in fishing kayaks 😉  )

Main features:

  • 4,20 meters lenght ;  
  • 78 cm hull beam ;  
  • kayak weight: 22 kg approximately ;
  • paddler weight range : 70-95 kg

how to built her : basically she can be built starting from #3  4 mm thickness marine grade plywood sheets and 5 kilos of epoxy resin, like other seakayaks in my site, you’ll just have to spend few more working hours to build the cockpit and the seat; plans can be purchased on our trusty dealer Nautikit as usual and includes also a template file with real size parts of the hull and deck, so that you can print them directly on a paper roll and make lofting parts supereasy.
youn can find a super detailed tutorial of  how to build a seakayak in this blog , here.


Do you need to rescale the project ?
– this project she can be rescaled up or down up to 5% of hull lenght to suit superskinny or larger paddler, simply printing the dwg template file rescaled from 95 to 105 % (from 4 to 4,41 m hull length)