In my last post on this blog I wrote about stability on sailboats, how does it changes with different hull shapes and different center of gravity shifitng, we pointed our attention on stability curves, their meaning and limits Now let’s make several steps in a completely different world , making […]

Stability and foils on IMOCA sailboats

questo è il primo post in italiano del mio blog, che normalmente è in inglese , buona lettura ! Nell’ultimo post del blog abbiamo parlato di stabilità per le barche a vela, come varia al variare delle forme di scafo e della posizione del baricentro, abbiamo visto che significato hanno […]

Stabilità e foils sui nuovi IMOCA ocean racer

Idea 19
Several persons recently asked me stability curves of some of my projects , I e-mailed them the curves and the conditions in which they were calculated and several comments on them; in this post I will do a brief summing up of: what’s stability in a boat and how we […]

Boat Stability for dummies

wooden sailboat  plans DiY homebuilder
Engine for small sailboats : how to choose it part two in the first part of this topic we pointed our attention on a general description of the three main engine categories (diesel inboard, gasoline outboard, electric engines, both inboard and outboard), and then we examined them form the costs […]

Engine for small sailboats , part two

idea 19 tortuga 3
Engine for small sailboats : how to choose it part one My projects are focussed on small sailboats, up to about 30 feet, boats on which the choice of the engine often has a heavy impact on the project from several points of view: costs, reliability, weights, effectivness of the […]

Engine for small sailboats

crispy 660 cabin wooden fishing boat 4
Crispy 660 Cabin is a new boat project currently on the drawing board; she’s basically a spin off of open Crispy 650 boat; she’s a new design which has been claimed by several customers in the last months. Lobster 31 has received several enthusiastic reviews and request for further info, but building […]

NEWS: Crispy 660 Cabin

      Three years ago I developed a quite interesting project together with Greenyacht enterprise: she was called Greenyacht Hybrid 33, basically she is a semidisplacement vessel suited for medium range cruise with a hybrid engine, with at least two hours of zero emission mode endurance at 6.5 knots […]

Greenyacht Hybrid 33 : how about a wooden one ?

sportboat wooden sailboat plywood plans
The first  IDEA21 hull is currently on the building stage in Argentina; Martin, the owner/builder, has just released a FB page “Velero Libertas” where he will release images and building tips, a really useful help for those who will choose to built this small cute rocket. Stay tuned !

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motorboat plans lobsterboat wood structure
This is not exactly a post dealing with boatbuilding. My intention is to focus on some small refurbishment works that can be done by a hobbyist boat owner to give a new fresh aspect to the interiors and furnitures of his/her small boat. Marinas here in Italy are currently packed […]

Turning a Goblin’s cave into a boat

giugliarelli 1
Autumn 2015: works in progress In working with homebuilders I love to receive upgrades’ news and pictures of the building process. Here are several pictures of the very last month, boats launched (Idea 19 “Tortuga”), several kayaks , and the progress in Hirundo 750 first hull (you can follow Salvatore […]

Autumn 2015: works in progress

idea 850 ext 3
  I’m here with the first paper copy of Idea 850 in front of me, checking the last small mistakes, those you’ll never catch on a PC screen, circling them with a red pen and correcting them on dwg files. And yes, I’m quite satisfied and proud of the work […]

Idea 850: “The Beauty and the Beast” has come

ok, may be not exactly,   not in the common view; but considering  the perspective of a garage boatbuilder,  summer is just one step away ; for example, starting today, working on your kayak one hour per day, you’ll be ready to launch your wooden marvel within the 21st of […]

Summer is coming !!!!