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HAIKU 700 “Haiku is a form of poetry featuring simple language, with no title, a poetry which cuts needless terms and rhetoric speeches, getting its strength from fascinations coming from the nature through its different seasons. Composing a Haiku requires a great capacity of synthesis of thoughts and imagination since […]

Haiku 700: setting sails in simplicity

Idea 19
Most of us live a busy life; we’re constantly drowning in a sea of things-that-have-to-be-done-here-and-now, ranging from our work to our family. Sailing is an inherently slow activity, I’d rather say ridiculously slow; no matter which boat you have, given our modern lifetime pace, it takes a huge amount of […]

My personal recipe for enjoyable and affordable sailing

Idea 19
I’m currently adding a new tool on each sailboat project page: a diagram that can give a first glance indication of where the boat is placed in terms of : budget required, ease of build, performances , offshore capabilities, cruise comfort ; the values shown on diagrams are referred to […]

new tool to evaluate boat projects

Hirundo 750
Bruno and Salvatore, aka Barbamasu (, have been working hard on their Hirundo 750 during the last month; the boat has now the cabin panels closed, faired and completed, the engine shaft and related propeller set up on board and laminated on the hull , which has been quite an […]

Steady progress on Hirundo 750 from Barbamasu

Idea 19
Idea 19 “Muchacha”  screaming downwind in southwestern coast of Sardinia : superfun,  great speed, and a boat always dry and safe. What else ?  

IDEA19 + downwind = SUPERFUN

timelapses movies, those super accelerated clips that are becoming viral on the web, have an hypnotic effect on me , even more if they describe a building process of a hi-tech boat; in the very last days one of these movies has been posted by several FB and Twitter friends; […]

Timelapse and IMOCAs : unveiling some boatyards tricks

Timelapse e IMOCA: sveliamo alcuni trucchetti da cantiere I timelapse , quei filmati accelerati che spesso diventano virali sul web, hanno su di me un effetto ipnotico, figuriamoci poi i timelapse che descrivono la costruzione di una barca a vela; in questi giorni è passato più e più volte tra […]

Timelapse e IMOCA: sveliamo alcuni trucchetti da cantiere

In my last post on this blog I wrote about stability on sailboats, how does it changes with different hull shapes and different center of gravity shifitng, we pointed our attention on stability curves, their meaning and limits Now let’s make several steps in a completely different world , making […]

Stability and foils on IMOCA sailboats

questo è il primo post in italiano del mio blog, che normalmente è in inglese , buona lettura ! Nell’ultimo post del blog abbiamo parlato di stabilità per le barche a vela, come varia al variare delle forme di scafo e della posizione del baricentro, abbiamo visto che significato hanno […]

Stabilità e foils sui nuovi IMOCA ocean racer

Idea 19
Several persons recently asked me stability curves of some of my projects , I e-mailed them the curves and the conditions in which they were calculated and several comments on them; in this post I will do a brief summing up of: what’s stability in a boat and how we […]

Boat Stability for dummies

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Engine for small sailboats : how to choose it part two in the first part of this topic we pointed our attention on a general description of the three main engine categories (diesel inboard, gasoline outboard, electric engines, both inboard and outboard), and then we examined them form the costs […]

Engine for small sailboats , part two

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Engine for small sailboats : how to choose it part one My projects are focussed on small sailboats, up to about 30 feet, boats on which the choice of the engine often has a heavy impact on the project from several points of view: costs, reliability, weights, effectivness of the […]

Engine for small sailboats