dentex 420 plywood epoxy sitontop 3
We begin to sold the Dentex 420 plans few months ago with a very good response, she’s the last member of our seakayak family; Dentex 420 is basically a sit on top seakayak dedicated to fishermen addicted to kayak fishing, and to all the ones who want to build a […]

Dentex 420: first pictures !!!

lead battery
Service Lead batteries, how to choose the right one: This post is the English translation of a post published by Roberto Minoia on his blog; you can find the original Italian version here  ; a huge thank to Roberto for allowing me to traduce and share this article The service […]

Service Lead batteries, how to choose the right one:

I’ve just updated the kayak page; the whole family belongs to the same stitch & glue building system, based on plywood & epoxy, a system which guarantees sturdy, nimble and beautiful hulls with a reasonable amount of building time; it took me about 75 hours to built my own Bette 500 […]

Kayak: how to choose the right model

sup DIY wooden 168
Stand Up Paddle (SUP for friend) is the new skyrocketing activity blasting the scene during the last summer: basically a SUP is a slightly modified stable surfboard on which you stand up and paddle, mixing fitness, relax, watching around and exploring coastal areas. I couldn’t resist the temptation of design […]

Stand Up Paddle : the new toy for summer !!!

Peruvian amazon rainforest in Tambopata reserve
“you can’t promote wooden boat building in 2017, forests are disappearing, the ecological impact of your projects is devastating !!!!” oh, man , really ???? pluvial forest in south america, picture form now, let’s take a look at the big picture …. the alternatives: in my range of projects, […]

modern wooden boats: the ecological footprint

saltaspiaggia plywood epoxy chined sailboat 3
Hi everybody, Modernwoodenboat has landed on Instagram world too !  Follow us, you’ll see several shots of our projects, beautiful pictures of Sardinian landscapes, lifestyle and a lot of other funny stuffs.    

We’re now on Instagram too !

haiku 700 plywood chine epoxy sailboat 5
Thanks to a very motivated owner/homebuilder , we are currently delivering the first set of plans of HAIKU 700, our newest project, just a couple of weeks after the official release. I am really glad to announce that boat #1 will be build in the Denmark , stay tuned for […]

HAIKU 700 #1 goes to Denmark !

dentex 420 kayak sit on top 4
” hey Chris, your kayaks are superfine, but I’d love to built a sit on top one” “come on, everyboady knows kayak fishing is rockin’, do something !!!” “Raju 500 is sleek, nimble and fine, sure, but I love to fish form kayak…” and so on, and on, and on…. […]

Dentex 420 sit on top: the new kid in town

while the first hull of Hirundo 750 is 85% complete, with a huge amount of extra woodworks and upgrades form the basic plans, and another boat is on the assembly scaffold down in South America,  we’re currently doing some modifications to the standard plans, for a french client. Basically modifications […]

Hirundo 750: a growing family

haiku 700 plywood chine epoxy sailboat 5
HAIKU 700 “Haiku is a form of poetry featuring simple language, with no title, a poetry which cuts needless terms and rhetoric speeches, getting its strength from fascinations coming from the nature through its different seasons. Composing a Haiku requires a great capacity of synthesis of thoughts and imagination since […]

Haiku 700: setting sails in simplicity

Idea 19
Most of us live a busy life; we’re constantly drowning in a sea of things-that-have-to-be-done-here-and-now, ranging from our work to our family. Sailing is an inherently slow activity, I’d rather say ridiculously slow; no matter which boat you have, given our modern lifetime pace, it takes a huge amount of […]

My personal recipe for enjoyable and affordable sailing

Idea 19
I’m currently adding a new tool on each sailboat project page: a diagram that can give a first glance indication of where the boat is placed in terms of : budget required, ease of build, performances , offshore capabilities, cruise comfort ; the values shown on diagrams are referred to […]

new tool to evaluate boat projects